Practical information

School Regulations



  • Beginning of lessons at 8.25 for 1st & 2nd years
  • Beginning of lessons at 8.30 for 3rd, 4th & 5th years
  • End of lessons at 15.20
  • Wednesday: End of lessons at 12.50 


Parents reception hours


Material and book lists




Medical service



Mrs. Camille Guisgand, the primary school psychologist is also available for children.


School reports

To enable families and the school to follow pupils’ evolution, reports will be distributed: In written form twice a year (in February and at the end of the school year) and in oral form on 06.11.2012. During this day the Primary school is closed to ensure parents talks can take place in the various classrooms. Nursery and Secondary cycles have classes as usual on that day.


School gym kit

Pupils must wear the school gym kit for physical education.

On sale in the Extracurricular Activities Office located in the prefabs (during September 2012 - visits per class will be organised):

  • 10,00 € for the T-shirt
  • 10,00 € for the shorts
  • Sports shoes (tennis or multisports style - no black soles)
  • A cotton tracksuit suitable for inside use (20,00 € for the top and 20,00 € for the trousers) or a «microfiber» tracksuit suitable for outside use (50 €). These clothes are non obligatory but will be used only for sport.



Parents are asked to mark children’s clothing to avoid lengthy enquiries for lost property. Articles found by the school staff can be retrieved by pupils in the "EURÊKA" rooms (Nursery and Primary: room 0.30 of the primary préau - secondary: room of the préau S5-6-7) (See the APEEE website – Opening hours: Friday from 12 to 13.30).



Badge to print out


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