Meeting with Lia Levi

On 22nd February, the Italian S5 met with the italian Jewish writer Lia Levi, in the presence of Mr. Marcheggiano, Secretary-General of the European schools. Mrs Levi won the most important litterar award in Italy, 'Premio Strega', with her book over her husband's family who left Italy because of the racial persecution during the war and tried to flee in Switzerland.


Meeting with David Sassoli

On Wednesday 6th of March the Italian section of the European School Brussels II met the Vice-President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli.
The main idea which drove the entire discussion was that common past history of peace, reconciliation and democracy should not only be something to be proud of but the starting point for advancing in the construction of the "United States of Europe".

Juvenes Translatores 2019

Juvenes Translatores is an annual translation contest for students born in 2001 held by  the Department of Translation of the European Commission. The number of participating schools for each member state is equal to the seats they hold in the European Parliament. Every participating student could choose a source language and a target language from the 24 official  languages of the European Union. The 28 winners from each member state will be invited to a ceremony in Brussels to receive their prize.