Waste Mission: because nature also deserves our respect

Students from S1 and S3 took the initiative "Waste Mission". The goal of this initiative is to collect garbage (using gloves) at school during their free time. They want to educate other students at our school to throw and sort their garbage in garbage cans.  We are proud that students of such a young age have voluntarily taken this great initiative. We hope that they also inspire other students and members of our school.

On Tuesday 18 December, Mrs. Bertato, who works on the Plastics strategy in DG Environment, gave a short presentation at our school. She had a talk with the students, explained why what they do is helpful, especially to prevent plastic waste to leak into the environment.

“We all produce waste and plastic is a big part of it. During a short interactive discussion, the effects of plastics in the environment were shown. We learned what micro plastics are and why they are a problem, we discussed if plastic is recyclable and tried to propose solutions to use less plastic”.