Garderie Communication

After-school garderie 2019-2020: The official registration period for the after-school garderie is set to 4th March until 5th April 2019.

To register, use the Kiddyweb application.

Every registration received after 5th April 2019 will automatically be placed on the waiting list (after closure).

You are not automatically re-registered! Parents have to re-register their child(ren) for the afterschool garderie in Kiddyweb each year.

For new registrations (i.e. children who do not go to the after-school garderie during the schoolyear 2018-2019, including children who registered but are on the waiting list or cancelled their registration), parents must send all supporting documents as soon as possible to the registration team by email  The registration date will be when the complete file (with all supporting documents) has been submitted.