Gil Vicente & José Saramago on stage

Bravo to S4 PT students who presented “Auto da Índia” by Gil Vicente, a XVI century masterpiece and S5 PT students who took to the stage with “ A Noite” by José Saramago, 1998 Literature Nobel Prize. Pilar del Rio, widow of José Saramago and President of the Foundation with his name, was invited and gave a master class to the students about the author and his fight against all kinds of authoritarianism. In the evening, she also talked to the audience about the similarities between the humorous theatre of Gil Vicente and Saramago writings, specially the social criticism. As a journalist and humanist, she gave insights on the Night of 24-25 April 1974, where the democratic revolution finally arrived to Portugal and the anonymous people who made it. She made us discover Celeste Caeiro, the anonymous waitress who intuitively gave carnations to the military – and how this became the symbol of the revolution – and “the boys in the tanks”, particularly one soldier who refused to fire his tank simply because “there were people in front of it”. Thank you to L1 PT teacher Maria Manuel Gandra for organizing all this and for her dedication! Thank you to all the colleagues who helped her to make of this night a very special night for the students and the all school community!