Armand Gatti Prize 2024

For this 1st edition of the Armand Gatti Prize in Belgium, almost 400 students from European schools benefited from this beautiful, meaningful theatrical project.

On April 29th  and 30th , the students of P5FR/S1FR and S4FR/S5FR took the stage to present their “favourite” sequence around the winning pieces in the presence of the authors Julia Duchaussoy (“Le monde du silence gueule”) and Léonard Prain ("Vole, Eddie, Vole!"). They gave them feedback on the children's presentations and then they shared together about it. 

It was a very rich, varied and high quality moment.

We discussed, among other things, the courage to follow our dreams and also the preservation of the oceans.


Thank you to the teachers and students for this beautiful moment as well as to the organizing team of the Pôle-Arts en circulation (Armand Gatti Library) and to our godmother Sabine Jean and our godfather project  Pietro Pizzuti... And look forward to next year for new adventures and new theatre pieces to discover!