French-speaking eloquence competition

The final of the European Schools' eloquence competition was held at EEB1 on Wednesday 17 April. Among the 6 finalists were two students from EEB2.

The candidates had four hours to write their speeches on subjects with a European dimension. Many teachers, fellow students and parents from the four schools turned out to support them. The jury, made up of members of civil society (from the worlds of entertainment, justice, the French-speaking world and the central office), was very impressed by the quality of all the candidates' performances.

However, our two EEB2 students distinguished themselves both by their oratorical skills and by the scope of their remarks, which enabled Anna-Louise Sule (S6DEA) to take first place and Rose Wolff (S6FRC) to take second place. Each of them touched the jury and the audience with a profound, original and humane speech on the values associated with European citizenship and identity.

Congratulations on their eloquence and commitment!