Study room

Chill and study rooms S1-S2-S3

Mandatory study room S1-S3

Pupils from S1 to S3 have a study room at their disposal in room 302. It is open from P1 to P7 on long school days and from P1 to P4 on Wednesdays. Pupils must go to this room on an unexpected free period during the school day, that is when a teacher is absent and there is no replacement. Attendance is compulsory. During the absence of sport teachers and if a pupil has already spent two periods in the study room during the same day, the person responsible for the study room may, after having registered attendance, give the authorisation to have a free period. Without it, attendance is compulsory. In these two cases pupils have a free choice to go to the préau, library, playground or sports field (when available). Pupils who cannot participate in sport lessons can be sent to the study room. A study room coordinator will be constantly present in this room (except for breaks) and control the attendance. 

In the study room pupils are expected to organize their work independently (homework, school projects, preparing for tests etc.), when the teacher hasn’t given them a specific work.  Every pupil should bring a book to read in case there is no other work to do. There are a few computers and tablets at the disposal of pupils for schoolwork (no games or social media). There are also some books, magazines and newspapers to read. Use of mobile phones is forbidden unless with the authorisation of the study coordinator for school purposes. In the study room pupils must remain seated and respect each other's space to work. Wearing hoods or hats is forbidden.

The Study room can at certain moments also be transformed in a chill room where different activities are organized together with the students:  window shop, theme related activities, chess tournaments, art projects, charity events, etc.  This to help creating a positive atmosphere at school.

Of course, these activities take place under supervision of the coordinator.


Other study rooms 

There are other study rooms in the vicinity of each préau. Pupils can go to these rooms on their scheduled free periods or when the study room 302 is closed or occupied. In the study rooms of S1-S3 use of mobile phones or other electronic devices is forbidden. Pupils in S4-S7 can use their mobiles for schoolwork in their respective préau and study room.